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1. The gross physical character of a rock or rock formation.
2. The microscopic study, description, and classification of rock.

lith′o·log′ic (lĭth′ə-lŏj′ĭk), lith′o·log′i·cal adj.
lith′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
li·thol′o·gist n.
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One is hand-drawn on tracing paper for publication, the other is a draft version on tracing linen with lithologic symbols (Kidd, 1996, entry 2573).
Figure 7a represents Th/K ratio concentrations which map some lithologic contrast and enhanced alteration signatures.
1992 Tectonic, climatic and lithologic influences on landscape fractal dimension and hypsometry: implications for landscape evolution in the San Gabriel Mountains, California.
Within each polygon shown on the surface, the subsurface lithologic column was separated into hydrogeologic units.
Huang use the logarithmic difference function application in texture image described, and separate spectral analysis for image classification and compared, finally came to a conclusion that the logarithmic deviation function and texture extraction combination can improve the conclusion of lithologic classification accuracy.
The lithologic substratum is represented by Neocene marine sediments, formed mainly from argil and sand (marl with elements of grit stone, limestone, pudding stone and volcanic tuba), as well as local reshuffling of a sedimentary nature on the slopes and of an alluvial nature in the valleys, all of them having a tendency towards pedo-diagenetic loessification.
Geophysical techniques study the contrast in the physical properties of the different units in the subsurface such as velocity, electrical resistivity, (conductivity), acoustic properties, subsurface geology and the environmental conditions [8][7][15][18][4] and they can provide some of the information required to delineate those materials in the subsurface space such as the overburden thickness, horizontal and vertical lithologic extents, depth to water table, fault zones [22].
Collection and Analysis of Data--Field mapping of lithologic contacts was completed in 2012 using aerial photographs and satellite images provided by Google Earth[c] 7.
2 displayed signatures of lithologic and structural control knick points non-symmetrical longitudinal profile and high value of sinuosity index (1.