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1. A plant that grows on rocks.
2. A coral with a hard skeleton.

lith′o·phyt′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.


1. (Botany) a plant that grows on rocky or stony ground
2. (Biology) an organism, such as a coral, that is partly composed of stony material
lithophytic adj


(ˈlɪθ əˌfaɪt)

1. a polyp with a hard or stony structure, as a coral.
2. any plant growing on the surface of rocks.
lith`o•phyt′ic (-ˈfɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.lithophyte - plant that grows on rocks or stony soil and derives nourishment from the atmosphere
rock plant - plant that grows on or among rocks or is suitable for a rock garden
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Plant a densely clustering terrestrial or lithophyte, flowering 45-120 cm tall.
Plant a terrestrial, lithophyte or rheophyte, flowering 40-60 cm tall, spreading by 2-6 cm x 5 mm slender stolons.