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(word root) stone
Examples of words with the root litho-: lithograph


n. pl. lith·os
A lithograph.


nadjadv, pl -thos
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) short for lithography, lithograph, lithographic, or lithographically. See lithography


(ˈlɪθ oʊ)

n., pl. lith•os, n.
1. lithography.
2. lithograph.
3. lithographic.
4. to lithograph.
[shortened form]


a combining form meaning “stone,” “calculus”: lithography.
Also, esp. before a vowel, lith-.
[< Greek, comb. form of líthos]


or lithog,

1. lithograph.
2. lithography.


n (inf)Litho nt
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This mineral was first described by Swedish mineralogist Freiherr Axel Fredrick Cronstedt in 1756, who gave the name "zeolite", which originates from the Greek words "stones that boils" (Greek zeo = boil; lithos = stone) in reference to their behavior of bubbling when heated (MUMPTON, 1999).
The Lithos," has been bred to supervise the ancient practices of euthanasia and murder in his kingdom of Pietra.
The postcards, lithos and porcelains were all produced in Germany.
David Bennett, Bennett Trenchless Engineers; Glenn Boyce, Jacobs Associates; Steven Kramer, AECOM; Joe Barsoom, Stantec; Larry Johnson, Hobas Pipe USA; Barry Sorteberg, Clean Slurry Technology; Ray Post, Huxted Tunneling; Nod Clarke-Hackston, VMT GmbH; Craig Camp, Hatch Mott MacDonald; Vojtech Gall, Gall Zeidler Consultants; Eric Eisold, Bradshaw Construction Corp; David Ellett,(BRH-Garver Construction; Patrick Germain, Herrenknecht; Nick Strater, Brierley Associates; Robert Goodfellow and Paul Headland, Aldea Services LLC; and Nate Soule, Lithos Engineering.
The unique substance was named lithium after the Greek word lithos, meaning literally "from stone.
Amongst the list of reputable international and regional brands debuting for the first time are Jaipur Gems, Altinbas, Jean Paul Gaultier, Davidoff, Fendi, Phillipe Royal, Shenoy, Tellus, Swarovski, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rochas, Saint Honore, Cover, Charles Jourdan, Grovana, Seculus, Westend, Domaskenos, Cabestan, Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts, Valbray, Dietrich, Golden Dreams Geneva , Dust Kreations, AKM Mehrasons, Al Khudairy Jewellery, Al Tawash, Brusco, Cvstos, Hafner, Hodel, KGK, Lithos, Mattia Cielo, Malpani, Manufacture Royale, Maitres du Temps, Schoeffel, Speake Marine, Vacheron Constantin, Yeprem , Yessayan, Suzanne Kalan, Rosy Blue, Dar Al Majid Fine Jewellery, Breva, Brioni, Jean Paul Menucci, Laviere, Roaln Iten, Yvan Tufenkjian.
INTRODUCTION: The term 'sialolith' is derived from the Greek words, sialon meaning saliva and lithos meaning stone.
He's off to Germany soon and on his return he'll be playing in the Lithos Bar on August 3.
Phytoliths (Greek, phyton--plant and lithos stone) --micrometer silicon particles are synthesized in plants have long been the subject of considerable scrutiny.
Mobile Tyre tech - Kammanahalli, XLR8 Hennur main road, Reva college, Yelahanka new town club, GKVK road, Mantri Lithos at Manyata Tech Park.
One of Alaska Lithos recent projects is Postcards From Alaska.