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1. Stratigraphy based on the physical and petrographic properties of rocks.
2. Interpretation of the physical characters of sedimentary rocks.

lith′o·strat′i·graph′ic (-străt′ĭ-grăf′ĭk) adj.
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Well-log data along with the results of analytical and petrographic analyses of the rocks were used for lithostratigraphic correlation of the examined sections.
He also established a detailed lithostratigraphic succession, and precisely recorded the occurrence of the taxa he described within this lithostratigraphic scheme.
The richest oil shale-bearing lithostratigraphic unit in Jordan is the Muwaqqar Chalk-Marl Formation (MCM), which spans the Maastrichtian to Eocene time interval [7-10].
Therefore, the current geological setting involving autochthonous, paraautocthonous and allochthonous terrains, which has hindered their understanding and definition as lithostratigraphic or lithotectonic units Villagomez et al.
The coal-bearing layers are associated with three of the four lithostratigraphic Pennsylvanian complexes: the Zacler formations, the Bialy Kamien and the Walbrzych formations.
The lithostratigraphic framework of the Lower Jurassic outcrops is quite similar in all regions of the Iberian Range (Gomez et al.
This Study Will Produce A Biostratigraphic And Lithostratigraphic Regionally-Correlative Framework Across All The Offshore Irish Basins.
Abou Sayed and Mersal (1998) adopted the reassignment of 'Muthaymimah' as Upper Simsima at Jebel Rawdah without discussion but there is extremely strong lithostratigraphic evidence to separate out the Simsima and Muthamimah Formations at that locality.
A lithostratigraphic illustration published by the USGS depicts the various formations within the NPR-A.
It is constituted by lithological sets that are part of the lithostratigraphic units belonging to the Vila Nova group, Tumucumaque complex, in the Mapuera Intrusive and Sedimentary Suites of the Amazon River basin.