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Noun1.lithotomy position - a position lying on your back with knees bent and thighs apart; assumed for vaginal or rectal examination
posture, attitude, position - the arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
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Warner, "Effect of various lithotomy positions on lower-extremity blood pressure," Anesthesiology, vol.
Well leg compartment syndrome (WLCS) is a rare but severe complication after the surgery in lithotomy position. The overall incidence is estimated at 1 in 3500 cases; however, only less than 25 bilateral WLCS cases have been previously reported [1-4].
Litwiller JP, Wells RE, Halliwill JR, Carmichael SW, Warner MA 2004 Effect of lithotomy positions on strain of the obturator and lateral femoral cutaneous nerves Clinical Anatomy 17 45-49
Roher et al (2008) noted that 'Long-lasting operations in the lithotomy position are accompanied by the risk of an acute compartment syndrome of the lower extremities'.