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also lith·o·trip·tor  (lĭth′ə-trĭp′tər)
A device that pulverizes kidney stones and gallstones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits.

[Alteration of obsolete lithotriptor, lithontriptor, from lithontriptic, breaking up kidney stones, from New Latin lithontripticus, alteration (influenced by Greek trībein, trīp-, to rub, pound) of lithonthrypticus, from Greek (pharmaka tōn en nephrōis) lithōn thruptika, (drugs) crushing stones (in the kidneys) : lithōn, genitive pl. of lithos, stone + thruptika, neuter pl. of thruptikos, crushing (from thruptein, to crush; see dhreu- in Indo-European roots).]
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(ˈlɪθəˌtrɪptə) or


(Medicine) a machine that pulverizes kidney stones by ultrasound as an alternative to their surgical removal
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(ˈlɪθ əˌtrɪp tər)

a device that employs ultrasound to pulverize stones in the body.
lith`o•trip′tic, adj.
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n (Med) → Lithotripter m
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, lithotripter
n. litotriturador, aparato o mecanismo para triturar cálculos;
extracorporal shock wave ______ extracorporal con ondas de choque.
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Dornier DeltaA III SmartLithoao is the world's first lithotripter system which uses big data in urology.
Despite multiple but useless attempts even via Soehendra lithotripter, Dormia basket rested trapped in an "hallow" of the distal CBD.
Following this model, a mobile lithotripter, for treating kidney stones, was put in service in 1986--just the second in the country--and a mobile positron emission tomography (PET) unit, a scan for tumors, began operating in 2002.
It was treated using a MEDISPEC ECONOLITH 2000 lithotripter, by which 3000 shocks were delivered to the stone at a rate of 1 per second, at an energy of 14 kv initially, reaching 18 kv.
Further, Dornier MedTech, a key player in the kidney stone management devices market , introduced an advanced kidney stone treatment lithotripter with advanced imaging, energy, and efficiency.
ISLAMABAD -- The lithotripter at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) was made functional on Saturday after a period of five years.
ShockPulse-SE, a dual action lithotripter, simultaneously produces both a constant ultrasonic wave and intermittent shockwave energy via a single probe to greatly reduce procedure time.
(2-5) After the introduction of original first generation electrohydraulic lithotripter, numerous modifications have been made in subsequent models.
YAG laser the best intracorporeal lithotripter for the ureter?
Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy by High-power Ho: YAG Laser Lithotripter for Complex Renal Calculi.