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n. pl. li·thot·ri·ties
A surgical procedure to pulverize stones in the urinary bladder or urethra so that they can be passed out of the body in the urine.

[From lithotritor, lithotripter, alteration (influenced by Latin trītor, pounder, grinder) of obsolete lithotriptor; see lithotripter.]


n, pl -ties
(Surgery) surgery the crushing of a calculus in the bladder by means of an instrument (lithotrite) so that it can be expelled by urinating
[C19: from litho- + Latin trītus, from terere to crush]


, lithotrity
n. litotripsia, trituración de cálculos en el riñón, el uréter, la vejiga y la vesícula biliar.
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However, it remained for Jean Civiale, of Paris, to perform the first successful lithotrity, the crushing of a stone, performed in 1824.