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1. Of, relating to, or characterized by litigation.
2. Tending to engage in lawsuits.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin lītigiōsus, from lītigium, dispute, from lītigāre, to quarrel; see litigate.]

li·ti′gious·ly adv.
li·ti′gious·ness n.
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He boasted that he stood up litigiously for the interests of the college; and he had undefined and undefinable ideas that the marshal intercepted a 'Fund,' which ought to come to the collegians.
They have litigiously responded to any attempts to regulate them, claiming the mantle of "religious freedom" to deceive and manipulate women.
Prince was an early online adopter, in sync with technology courtesy of his fluency with synthesizers, but he turned violently and litigiously against the Web when it started to seem like the equivalent of a greedy record label, threatening his control of his material.
(49) The proof proceeds litigiously. According to the pamphlet, six conclusions could be reached from the alleged disjunction between scripture and practice in the Anglican Church: First, that Romans 12:4, 5, etc.
The whole montage maintains a danceable hip hop beat (shifting in the crescendo to drill & bass doubletime), while simultaneously mounting a pointed criticism of the music industry as litigiously jealous of its cultural properties.
The phrase is generally believed to have originated when Peter Detkin, then a vice president at Intel, was sued for libel by lawyer Ray Niro after Detkin called him a "patent extortionist." (6) Because Detkin needed a less litigiously provocative pejorative phrase for "patent extortionist," he started using patent troll (Wild 2008; Levy 2012).