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or litter box  (lĭt′ər-bŏks′)
A box or tray partly filled with an absorbent material such as granulated clay, used as a place for a housecat or other pet to urinate and defecate.
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Add a folding container that could be used as a litterbox and a gallon plastic bag of litter.
It advocates for giving cats their own spaces so they can eat and use the litterbox in privacy and can avoid one another when they want to.
Dogs will eat many kinds of fecal material--from goose poop at the park to sheep poop at the farm to "snacks" from your cat s litterbox. Most concerning is when dogs eat their own or another dogs stool.
There is a growing number of litter additives to attract cats to the litterbox as well as stand-alone attraction products such as Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant that's made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs that attracts cats to the litter box.
If an indoor toilet area for your dog would be helpful for you, the "litterbox" should be available as a potty destination from the get-go.
An ex-teacher suggested the blanket coverage of depressing incidents kept her away from digital news; her husband advocated the practicality of real paper ("You can't use a laptop to line the litterbox or start a fire, can you?!") while a third seventy-something asserted that "a newspaper doesn't cost 300 euros when you drop it!" And almost all the over-sixties who subscribe to The Cyprus Mail on a daily basis agreed on one thing: you just can't do crosswords online!
Cats pick it up usually from eating an infected bird or rodent, and can pass it to humans through their excrement 6 say, if an owner doesn't wash his or her hands after changing a litterbox.
Heartwarming anecdotes blend with practical tips on caring for cats, including feeding them, keeping a sanitary litterbox, dealing with misbehavior, and more.
Bidding adieu to that stinky litterbox for good may sound implausible, but it can be done with some patience and the Litter Kwitter.
Consider the transmission of Toxoplasma gondii by the handling of cat feces in a litterbox. Contaminated water, such as that containing the protozoan Cryptosporidium parvum, is another route of zoonotic disease transmission via a nonliving reservoir.
The cat's litterbox should not be accessible to small children.
The working cats in the New York Dutch settlement of Litterbox are tired of being poor and working for pennies in the Cat's Cradle Company.