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One member of a given litter of animal offspring.


one member of a litter of offspring


(ˈlɪt ərˌmeɪt)

one of a pair or group of animals born or reared in the same litter.
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But his bid for a Triple Crown of dogdom ended when he was topped by Bourbon, his sister and littermate.
The vet said she could have nicked it herself, or a littermate did.
From getting their new sharp teeth at four weeks, they use them not only to eat food, but to bite their littermates. When they bite hard the littermate squeals which startles the biting pup and it lets go.
It is rare for two hyena pups to survive, as the larger pup usually kills its littermate. Newborn dogs are called pups or puppies.
Methods: Electroencephalogram/electromyogram recordings were performed in SOD1-G93A transgenic mice and their littermate control mice at the ages of 90 and 120 days, and the samples obtained from these groups were subjected to quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, western blotting, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
Finally, knockout mice for the RGS7 protein family were found to have increased [[alpha].sub.2A]AR-mediated hippocampal actions compared to their littermate controls.
I know Caroline kept Tansy's littermate Jasmine, and I'd be fascinated to know if she's enjoyed the same longevity as Tansy.
"This change produced the 'marathon mouse,' able to run twice the distance of its normal littermate" Evans says.
Angela Gabruch, project coordinator for LitterMate and a 2003 graduate of the College of Commerce, said the idea for the natural-sourced litter came from a wheat-based kitty litter available in California.
A hare flushed into the open by one cat will often flee straight at a littermate, and the whole family will eat.
They use their new sharp teeth to bite littermates. As they bite down hard, the littermate squeals, startling the biting pup enough to let go.
There have been only a few scientific studies on recognition in dogs, but we do know that dogs will approach a littermate in preference to a strange, unrelated dog even after months of separation.