little club moss

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Noun1.little club moss - any of numerous fern allies of the genus Selaginella
club moss, club-moss, lycopod - primitive evergreen moss-like plant with spores in club-shaped strobiles
genus Selaginella, Selaginella - type and sole genus of the Selaginellaceae; evergreen moss-like plants: spike moss and little club moss
basket spikemoss, meadow spikemoss, Selaginella apoda - spikemoss forming dense mats; eastern North America
dwarf lycopod, rock spikemoss, Selaginella rupestris - tufted spikemoss forming loose spreading mats; eastern North America
desert selaginella, Selaginella eremophila - prostrate spikemoss; California
resurrection plant, rose of Jericho, Selaginella lepidophylla - densely tufted fern ally of southwestern United States to Peru; curls up in a tight ball when dry and expands and grows under moist conditions
florida selaginella, Selaginella eatonii - occurs widely in Florida
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