little league

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Lit′tle League`

a baseball league for players ages 8 to 12, usu. sponsored by a business or other organization.
Lit′tle Lea′guer, n.
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Noun1.Little League - a commercially sponsored baseball league for players between 8 and 12 years of agelittle league - a commercially sponsored baseball league for players between 8 and 12 years of age
baseball league - a league of baseball teams
little-league team - a team that plays in a little league
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Berdsley approached his local Little League, and got the okay from them to start some type of team for kids with special needs.
Louisiana's Reece Roussel had a two-run single that broke the Little League World Series tournament record for hits with 15.
During a summer family picnic in 1974, Robbin observes a little league game being played in a nearby baseball field.
(2.) "The 18 Girls Who Have Made Little League Baseball World Series History,", February 4, 2015.
But her coach was banned by Little League organizers after facing human smuggling allegations when the people he listed as coaches of the team failed to come back to the country and stayed illegally in the United States.
Tanauan Little League (Asia-Pacific Region), from Batangas, Philippines captured the 2018 Senior League Softball World Series Championship by defeating Texas District 9 Little League (Southwest Region), from Waco, Texas, 7-0.
"Play Ball!: The Story of Little League Baseball" by Lance and Robin Van Auken charts Little League's history from the earliest days and shows how, in many respects, its history parallels America's history: isolation in the beginning; rapid expansion; a civil war of sorts, followed by reconstruction; struggles over civil rights and gender equity; and foreign entanglements.
Dubai Little League's Oliver "Ollie" Duthie in action
Little League Baseball's members from all over the world are participating in the meeting.
"Skanska's investment to Elmjack Little League Fields is in line with our commitment to be a good neighbor for the community while we build an entirely new LaGuardia Airport consistent with Governor Cuomo's vision," said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye.
Unless sponsors are found who are willing to pay the several thousand dollars necessary for a team to take part in Dizzy Dean Little League activities, the financial burden falls on the players.
The Babe Ruth Little League has been playing organized youth baseball at Hyde Park for the past half century.