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Noun1.little potato - rhizoctinia disease of potatoes
rhizoctinia disease - disease caused by rhizoctinia or fungi of Pellicularia and Corticium
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Stepmother advises Jaaji to sell little Potato in Kidney Town where, as a worker at the brick kilns, he will get regular meals a luxury that the poor villagers can ill afford but Jaaji makes a detour to the Floating Pir who declares that Potato is destined for greatness.
For my starter I'd ordered a personal favourite, aloo tikki, essentially a little potato and pea cake topped with chickpea masala, yoghurt and tamarind sauce.
For my starter I'd ordered a personal favourite -- aloo tikki; essentially a little potato and pea cake topped with chick pea masala, yoghurt and tamarind sauce.
Rising to the challenge, Rahul Doshi (above) showed that The Channel Island's very own regal spud, the Jersey Royal, is a hot little potato, successfully channelling enough juice to power a lamp, hairdryer, kettle and even a huge neon sign.
It came with all sorts of little goodies including a little potato lasagne which was very nice.
As its name suggests, The Little Potato Co., in Edmonton, Alberta, knows something about petite potatoes.
When I harvest these little potatoes, I take care digging around each plant, so as not to break off smaller tubers--and I only remove one little potato from each plant, leaving plenty to mature for our main crop.
The little potato dumplings called gnocchi are a favorite of mine and always a good test of a kitchen's prowess.
The venison is so knock-your-socks-off sumptuous that the fact the delicately creamed sprouts and a little potato pave also stand out for compliments is testament to a brilliantly balanced dish.
When the casserole is cooked, pass off most of the stock into a clean pan, reduce the stock by a half and thicken with a little potato flour mixed with water.