little terror

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Noun1.little terror - a very troublesome childlittle terror - a very troublesome child    
scamp, imp, monkey, rapscallion, rascal, scalawag, scallywag - one who is playfully mischievous
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I stopped, with much wonder in my heart, and perhaps a little terror also.
That meeting held no little terror for me--meeting an idol, scholarly or otherwise is a nerve-wracking event, and I had reason to believe she'd been one of the anonymous reviewers of my book manuscript!--but her forthrightness, sense of humor, and camaraderie reminded me that despite her towering CV, she is as human--and humane--as the rest of us, more so than most.
She takes after me because all she does is sleeps and eat, which is apparently what I was like as a baby, while John was a little terror. In terms of looks, she looks like my dad when he was a baby.
"He could be a little terror but I knew him all my life."
LAHORE -- Following the global trend, the residents in Lahore, belonging to diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities, have celebrated the New Year night with fervor despite the freezing temperature, little terror threats coupled with tight policy security and outages of CNG and electricity load-shedding on Tuesday night.
Things really get exciting when the little terror becomes a toddler and slowly but surely gets to stand on two feet.
I was due for a little terror, having already hunted grizzlies for 10 days once before in Alaska, seeing only a sow with a half-grown cub.
And sources inside Murray Park suggest that although Rangers' winning-most team boss has huge respect for the Irishman, there was little terror in his demeanour.
She is a little terror - I wish she could go on a very long holiday so me and Siddy could get peace.
OUR favourite friendly monster returns with his own little terror in tow, for another intrepid adventure in the deep, dark wood at Venue Cymru Llandudno tonight and tomorrow.