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li·tur′gi·ol′o·gist n.


the system of church rituals and their symbolism. — liturgiolo-gist, n.
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Noun1.liturgiology - the study of liturgies
theology, divinity - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth
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While the question of organic growth of the liturgy can be (and has been) addressed using the methods of comparative liturgiology and historical-critical approaches, (13) this article uses the tools of analogical theology to explore the process of liturgical change as described analogically in SC no.
The revolutionary alchemists and herbalists of the Mao Shan traditions from the first century BCE produced scriptures which Needham (1974) says were "aided almost certainly by cannabis"; he notes that Lady Wei of the Southern Peak, a founder of Taoist liturgiology was "a great teacher of meditation and psychotropic drugs." A sixth century example from the Wu Tsang Ching (Needham 1980) says, "If you wish to command demonic apparitions to present themselves you should constantly eat the inflorescences of the hemp plant." Robinet's (1993) work contains constant references to magic mushrooms and magic plants from remote regions that the adept must seek out and consume.
The climax of the theological debate over the eucharistic prayer came in Frank Senn's picking up Olson's challenge to relate contemporary Lutheran liturgiology to classical Lutheran theology.
The parallel themes of ecclesiology and liturgiology gained visibility at the Faith and Order commission meeting in Lima when BEM was not only approved for submission to the churches but also celebrated in a common eucharist - the so-called "Lima liturgy".