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My passions, from that hapless hour, Usurp'd a tyranny which men Have deem'd, since I have reach'd to power; My innate nature - be it so: But, father, there liv'd one who, then, Then - in my boyhood - when their fire Burn'd with a still intenser glow,(For passion must, with youth, expire) E'en then who knew this iron heart In woman's weakness had a part.
Ruiz identified only Liv Super Club as one of the clubs.
Liv, a sarcastic brunette with big, dark eyes, suggested they're more like Flotsam and Jetsam, the mischievous eels in The Little Mermaid.
School doesn't provide a respite as Liv is caught between her best friend Sarah, a steady and honest girl and Maddy, the school bully.
"Hey Eva, look at this." The edge to Liv's voice pulled Eva from her thoughts.
liv is a fictionalised account of a family's Croatian-Australian migration and, although it was short-listed for the Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 2000, and commended by the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards of the same year, critical analysis of the work has to date been limited.
The aim for Liv is that it will not only be a cycle store but a place to meet with other female cyclists and get expert advice and information.
SPP Livforsakring AB (SPP Liv) (STO: SPPL1) and SPP Liv Fondforsakring AB (SPP Fondliv) announced on Monday that on 26 November 2014 the companies received the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's (SFSA) approval to execute their joint merger plan.
LIV Hospital has been opened in early 2013, and, in a matter of months it has become the first general hospital from Turkey to receive the German TUV Quality Certification and also the first hospital worldwide which has been granted the Joint Commission International accreditation in the first 7 months since its inauguration.
Sony LIV app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 comes with various new features.
Following an agreement last May to buy 50% in Liv for DKK35m (USD6.2m/EUR4.7m) by the end of 2011, BankNordik postponed the deal until July 2012 to allow more time for details to be settled, the bank said in a statement.
3 January 2012 - Faeroe Islands-based lender BankNordik on Monday said it would complete the acquisition of a 50% stake in local life insurance group Liv on 1 July 2012.