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adj. live·li·er, live·li·est
a. Full of energy or alertness; vigorous or animated: a lively baby; lively eyes.
b. Characterized by much activity or excitement: "You would have ... indulged in the rides, games and fast food on the lively boardwalks" (Sarah Milstein). See Synonyms at active.
a. Quick-paced: a lively tune.
b. Full of flavor or spice: a lively sauce.
c. Stimulating and invigorating: a lively breeze.
3. Rebounding readily upon impact; resilient: a lively tennis ball.
With energy or vigor; briskly: Step lively!

[Middle English lifli, from Old English līflīc, from līf, life; see leip- in Indo-European roots.]

live′li·ly adv.
live′li·ness n.
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in a lively, energetic manner
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Instead of echoing Dirkovitch's sigh of regret, it is sad to record that the White Hussars livelily exhibited un-Christian delight and other emotions, hardly restrained by their sense of hospitality.
While they are in the first place confined to one's head, the metrical acrobatics he theorizes may very well go on to inspire movement in the body: "if [the reader's] thoughts are very livelily engaged, he will beat time with his fingers or with his feet" (Dallas, p.
Her severe profile stands out against livelily patterned wallpaper.