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Small and major publishers such as Perfect World (Star Trek Online and Livelock), 1C, Plug-In Digital are already using Yunoia services.
Then stop looking and go buy Livelock from Tuque Games.
The absence of deadlock and livelock conditions is a key concern when designing distributed real-time systems.
Deterministic and partially adaptive algorithms are deadlock and livelock free while fully adaptive algorithms requires some precaution by having deadlock, livelock and congestion avoiding techniques [119].
El-Badawi, "On modelling and analysis of receive livelock and CPU utilization in high-speed networks," International Journal of Computers and Applications, vol.
We do not currently have adequate methods for modeling robot structure and functionality, of predicting the consequences of robot commands and actions, and of imposing requirements on those actions, such as reaching the goal but doing it in a safe way and making sure that the robot is always live, with no deadlock or livelock. And most importantly, one can put those requirements on the robot, but one has to be able to find out whether the robot will be able to satisfy those requirements.
Structure verification--Structure verification aims at verifying the structure consistency of a workflow, including deadlock, livelock, lack of synchronization, misuse of modelling objects and constructors, active end, dead activity.
This helps with more efficient resource allocation and helps solve the problems of what's called livelock, caused by multiple concurrent Internet applications competing for Internet resources.
This aids with more efficient resource allocation and puts an end to the livelock and deadlock scenarios, which plague users when simultaneous applications contend for Internet resources.
Mogul and Ramakrishan [1997] propose a system that uses interrupts under normal network load and polling under overload, in order to avoid receiver livelock. When processing of a packet completes, the system polls the network interface for more outstanding packets; only when no further packets are found are network interrupts reenabled.
This can lead to livelock with the sender's transmissions being persistently dropped at the receiver.