liver sausage

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liver sausage

(ˈlɪvəˌwɜːst) or


(Cookery) a sausage made of or containing liver
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(ˈlɪv ərˌwɜrst, -ˌwʊərst, -ˌwʊʃt)

a cooked sausage containing a large percentage of liver, esp. one made with pork liver and pork meat.
[1865–70, Amer.; < German Leberwurst]
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Noun1.liver sausage - sausage containing ground liverliver sausage - sausage containing ground liver  
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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And a child brought up on chicken and rice-pudding must be different to a child that eats Spickgans and liver sausages. And they are different; I can't tell in what way, but they certainly are; and I think if I steadily describe them from the materials I have collected the last three days, I may perhaps hit on the points of difference."
The man known throughout football as 'Soss' - Liversedge would become 'liver sausage' and then abbreviated - had already taken responsibility for looking after Keegan's loose change during matches.
Training tip Liver sausage from supermarket deli counters is real tempting treat for training cats and dogs.
War chews sirloin, lamb, rice, grape leaves, liver sausage, haddock, and challah.
Pig liver sausage as a source of hepatitis E virus transmission to humans.
I bought some spicy salami snacks, liver sausage pate and savoury crisp crackers.
Braunschweiger and liver sausage are two other examples.
But liver sausage, or pate, has certain negative nutritional aspects, such as a high saturated fat content.
Jones Dairy Farm produces the highest quality sausage, ham, bacon, liver sausage and Canadian bacon for consumers around the world.
The tasteless spread also included Cheetos, liver sausage carved to look like fruit and something called Kitty Litter Cake.
It's strange, but ever since this came out, every one of her dates has turned up reeking of liver sausage ...
'Then we would go down to the salumeria, an Italian cured meat shop, and buy a hunk of liver sausage called mortadella di fetago.