liver spots

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(kloʊˈæz mə)

a condition in which light brown spots occur on the skin, caused by exposure to sun, dyspepsia, or certain specific diseases.
[1875–80; < New Latin < Late Greek: greenness, derivative of Greek chloázein to be green, derivative of chlóos green]
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Or listen to folks who want their liver spots lasered off.
Lentigenes, also known as liver spots, are small, darkened areas of the skin.
Services include physician-supervised weight loss, and treatment of scars, skin laxity, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, moles, wrinkles, unwanted hair and spider veins.
In the most polluted areas, they found a 25% increase in the likelihood of liver spots.
Unsightly brown spots, often referred to liver spots, are a normal part of aging and typically start appearing on the skin after the age of 40.
She opened up her laser tattoo removal studio in August and has been inundated with requests to remove never tattoos, age spots and liver spots from men and women.
Sun exposure can give you freckles, or dark patches called melasma, and this can be made worse by birth control pills and pregnancy, then there are age and liver spots.
For a movie about someone unable to age, it's noticeable that you can actually feel liver spots forming on the back of your hands as we trudge wearily from one moment of uninteresting action to the next.
Answers to questions about gallstones, athlete's foot, and liver spots
Draw on liver spots and wow 'em on your next red carpet.
His grip was strong, despite the clubbed nails and liver spots.
While searching for a ballgame on my AM dial, I tuned in to one of those radio call-in shows just in time to hear an 85-year-old gentlemen ask the expert host about liver spots and what could he do to get rid of them.