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Noun1.livery driver - someone who drives a taxi for a livinglivery driver - someone who drives a taxi for a living
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The bill does not define an internet-software application; require the taxi or livery driver to be connected to an internet application; or address the issue of coverage should the taxi or livery driver not be connected to such an application.
District Court alleges that police needlessly pistol-whipped a Dominican city livery driver, Jose L.
The service in New York was founded by Stella Mateo, the mother of two daughters, who told the Times she would have been happy to have a female livery driver to ferry her girls to after-school programs and other activities when they were youngsters.
Palmer believes his helper may have been a passing livery driver.
Said Sgt Hargrove: "When we asked him what he did and he told us he worked as a livery driver, we kind of looked at each other.
Investigators determined that the livery driver had no involvement in the robbery and had picked Mr.
I often champion the cause of the livery driver, but that doesn't mean that they are always beyond reproach.
In addition to her work at the telephone company, she was a den mother, a religious education teacher, livery driver, baby sitter, cook, and housekeeper.
We congratulate Man Plafker, PIANY Board secretary, for his appointment to the board of directors of the Independent Livery Driver Benefit Fund.
At present, livery bases that dispatch drivers cannot determine before a driver's injury whether they must purchase workers' compensation insurance for the livery driver; many bases fail to purchase the insurance and livery drivers whose workers' compensation claims are upheld must be paid from the Fund for Uninsured Employers; claimants must spend many months litigating between the workers' compensation and no-fault systems before they receive benefits; and those drivers who are determined to be independent contractors are uncovered altogether for certain injuries," said Espaillat.
He was a manager at Radio Shack in Worcester and later was a livery driver for several years.
As it turned out, the livery driver had absolutely no idea.