living dead

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: dead - a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural forceliving dead - a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force
dead person, dead soul, deceased, deceased person, decedent, departed - someone who is no longer alive; "I wonder what the dead person would have done"
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"But there were the two weeks I lost, with influenza, and the one week from a confounded pleurisy, so that I emerged from that place of the living dead with but one hundred and fifty-one dollars and fifty cents."
I had already resolved upon death as my choice rather than go back to be of that dolorous company, the living dead of the poor-farm.
...When he's working at that, he sees nothing; he does not eat, drink, or breathe for days and nights at a time...he becomes a living dead man and has no time to amuse himself with the trap-doors." She shivered again.
Old men were there, whose eyes were dim and senses failing--grandmothers, who might have died ten years ago, and still been old--the deaf, the blind, the lame, the palsied, the living dead in many shapes and forms, to see the closing of that early grave.
Then the name of the living dead man was less frequently in their mouth--then not mentioned at all.
In his homily last weekend at the Friary in Co Kilkenny, Brother Tom Forde suggested those who believe in contraception and abortion are "morally rotten" and the "living dead".
But I can get naked onstage in front of 2000 people as another character and it's not an issue Bodyguard star Richard Madden on his terrifying public appearances An extension to Halloween for a living dead Government run by a party funded by the deceased Labour MP Neil Coyle after EU leaders give the UK a Brextension until October 31 You're going to need therapy.
ANOTHER delay - this time (appropriately) to the night of the living dead - which is how a Conservative minister recently described the Conservative cabinet, the living dead.
On another note, her fun full-of-life side has an equally scary counterpart in her love for gothic, living dead dolls.
They'll be showing Night Of The Living Dead in a unique location, with the George A Romero classic being screened underneath the Capitol Centre in Cardiff.
'The injured workers have become the living dead. We demand the quick trial of the culprits.
The 'Living Dead' issue has been coming to the fore frequently but things refuse to change, thanks to the money power that makes the babu (clerk) enter in the records what the bribe giver wants.