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 (lē′vər, lē′vrə)
A money of account formerly used in France and originally worth a pound of silver.

[French, from Old French, from Latin lībra, a unit of weight, pound.]
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(ˈliːvrə; French livrə)
(Currencies) a former French unit of money of account, equal to 1 pound of silver
[C16: via Old French from Latin lībra the Roman pound]
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(ˈli vrə)

n., pl. -vres (-vrə).
a former money of account and group of coins of France, issued in coin form orig. in gold: discontinued in 1794.
[1545–55; < Middle French, Old French < Latin lībra balance, pound]
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A contrite heart and ten nobles to holy mother Church may stave off perdition; but he hath a pardon of the first degree, with a twenty-five livre benison, so that I doubt if he will so much as feel a twinge of purgatory.
The "livre de lecture" was the "Vicar of Wakefield," much used in foreign schools because it is supposed to contain prime samples of conversational English; it might, however, have been a Runic scroll for any resemblance the words, as enunciated by Jules, bore to the language in ordinary use amongst the natives of Great Britain.
In spite of the fact that delicate missions were constantly intrusted to his discretion which to any other man about the court would have proved lucrative, he possessed an income of not more than thirty thousand francs from an investment in the Grand Livre. If we recall the cheapness of government securities under the Empire, and the liberality of Napoleon towards those of his faithful servants who knew how to ask for it, we can readily see that the Baron di Piombo must have been a man of stern integrity.
"Manage the matter as well as you can, my good man; it does not concern me, the more so as I have not a livre left."
it is now only half-past one; let us step out, we shall be there in time to touch my three hundred and seventy-five livres, and get away before the arrival of the malefactor."
Le chercheur et ecrivain Hamzaoui Abdelmalek vient de publier un nouveau livre sur les figures de proue de la chanson amazighe.
Produit culturel par excellence, le livre, toujours sous l'impulsion d'une evolution incrementale, n'a donc pas connu de ''revolution'' depuis de longue date avant que les technologies numeriques ne viennent imposer de veritables ''disruptions'' a toutes les echelles.
Le Tribunal de premiere instance de Tunis a ordonne, mercredi, la suspension de l'impression, de la vente et de la diffusion du Livre noir ', sur la base de la plainte deposee par le comite des supporters de l'Esperance sportive de Tunis (EST), a annonce le porte- parole du Ministere public pres le tribunal, Sofien Sliti .