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tr.v. lix·iv·i·at·ed, lix·iv·i·at·ing, lix·iv·i·ates
To wash or percolate the soluble matter from (solid material).

[Late Latin lixīvium, lye (from Latin lixīvius, of lye, from lix, lye) + -ate.]

lix·iv′i·a′tion n.


the process of leaching alkaline salts from ashes by pouring water on them. — lixivial, — lixivious, adj.
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Volcan's 'BBB-' rating reflects its diversified revenues from five mining units encompassing eight mines in operation, seven concentrator plants and one lixiviation plant (Ag oxides) across the Central Andes region.
Lixiviation of natural radionuclides and heavy metals in tropical soils amended with phosphogypsum.
the presence of some earth's crust constituents) can negatively affect water quality by lixiviation, run off and leaching processes turningthe available water a potential vector for dissemination of toxic substances.
The final product, soy sauce supplemented with ES-derived antioxidant peptides (SSSEAP), was obtained by lixiviation, autoclaving, and precipitating (21).
D'une capacite de 500 millions m3 d'ordures menageres, ce CET est dote d'un casier d'une double couverture geomembrane et geotextile contre les infiltrations de lixiviation, d'un bassin de traitement des rejets liquides secretes par les dechets sous l'effet de la fermentation, d'un service d'entretien d'engins, d'un poste de controle, d'un pont-bascule pour le pesage des ordures et autres equipements d'exploitation.
The phosphorus contribution to the ecosystem can be from widespread dumping of untreated domestic sewage in the river and lixiviation of fertilizers derived from cocoa plantations and pastures, as observed in other study (Leite, 1994).
In Canada, research groups, NGOs, and First Nation communities are hitting back against the financial base of transnational mining corporations in Canada, documenting local disasters where companies are using open-pit and lixiviation technologies for mining.
Local heap leaching lixiviation specialist, Rellx Water, recommended that FMCG switch from HDPE pipe to 16-In.
Alvarez JM, Rico MI, Obrador A (1996) Lixiviation and extraction of zinc in a calcareous soil treated with zinc-chelated fertilizers.
In contrast, necrosis is nonphysiological, is dissociated from morphogenetic events and is related to development, being directly involved with cell turgidity and lysis and lixiviation of the cellular content, without obvious changes in DNA (for instance, without chromatin condensation and DNA fragmentation) (KRISHNAMURTHY et al.