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tr.v. lix·iv·i·at·ed, lix·iv·i·at·ing, lix·iv·i·ates
To wash or percolate the soluble matter from (solid material).

[Late Latin lixīvium, lye (from Latin lixīvius, of lye, from lix, lye) + -ate.]

lix·iv′i·a′tion n.
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the process of leaching alkaline salts from ashes by pouring water on them. — lixivial, — lixivious, adj.
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It is believed that the presence of the organic fertilizer provides decrease in the losses through volatilization, lixiviation or immobilization of nutrients, what might have contributed for the obtaining of high watermelon productions even in the highest manure ratios.
Thus, there time needed for the cell membranes to go back to its crystalline state without cell damage, decreasing lixiviation of solutes (Ataide et al., 2016).
For treatments irrigated with water of salinity 4.00 dS [m.sup.-1], the irrigation depth was 10% superior to the irrigation depth of the lower salinity treatment, in order to reduce risks of salinity by lixiviation of salts present in the root environment (Ayers & Westcot, 1999).
Those authors stated that this could be affected by the use of the organdy bag as an ingredient pellet container, reducing the lixiviation. Unfortunately, the ingredients could not be placed freely due to the observations from previous assays (Montoya-Martinez et al., in press) in where agonistic behavior among M.
This soil's high porosity and weak cementation between particles originate from two specific physicochemical geological processes: lixiviation and laterization (Camapum de Carvalho and Mortari, 1994).
Lixiviation and volatilization of nitrogen in Sandy Typic Hapludalf soil cultivated with grapevine submitted to the nitrogen fertilization.
The highest average was found in an increasing gradient in the EC, where the high salinity contents resulted from the combination between hydrogeochemistry (tertiary sedimentary rocks with sandstones, silts and gypsum banks) and the mesoxerophitic climatic condition, which favored ion lixiviation from recently deforested farmland.
Volcan's 'BBB-' rating reflects its diversified revenues from five mining units encompassing eight mines in operation, seven concentrator plants and one lixiviation plant (Ag oxides) across the Central Andes region.
Titanium dioxide is one semiconductor materials easily excited under low energetic ultraviolet radiation, such as 3.2 eV (UV-A region), but other characteristics such as high resistance to lixiviation in a wide range of pH and absence of toxicity, make them the most promising heterogeneous photocatalyst applied to water treatment, in special those destined to human consumption [1-3].
Also, refining of leaching tests based on the results of this study may be applied for the assessment of the environmental impact of mining operations which imply soil remobilization and accumulation in mine spoils, with risk of lixiviation of arsenic to water.