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Noun1.liza - similar to the striped mullet and takes its place in the Caribbean region
gray mullet, grey mullet, mullet - freshwater or coastal food fishes a spindle-shaped body; found worldwide
genus Mugil, Mugil - type genus of the Mugilidae: mullets
References in classic literature ?
But if Liza is going to have a bit out of this, why not me too?
Moreover, Stremov, one of the most influential people in Petersburg, and the elderly admirer of Liza Merkalova, was Alexey Alexandrovitch's enemy in the political world.
Stremov and Liza Merkalova, why, they're the cream of the cream of society.
They criticized the people they were expecting, and the conversation fell upon Liza Merkalova.
Liza Merkalova's husband carries her shawl, and is always ready to be of use.
Liza now is one of those naive natures that, like children, don't know what's good and what's bad.
Such a thing, Liza, happens in those accursed families in which there is neither love nor God," I retorted warmly, "and where there is no love, there is no sense either.
Another thing, Liza, man is fond of reckoning up his troubles, but does not count his joys.
What he did not know was that the faithful Liza had found it, and put it back on his wash-stand.
Somehow they had got into the way of calling Liza the servants.
Boris read Poor Liza aloud to her, and more than once interrupted the reading because of the emotions that choked him.
The people behind the show are hoping to find the next singing star just up the road from the birthplace of Valleys legend Tom Jones, and previous contestant Liza Baker who helped organise the auditions.