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 (lä′nō, yä′-)
n. pl. lla·nos
A large, grassy, almost treeless plain, especially one in Latin America.

[Spanish, plain, from Latin plānum, from neuter of plānus, level; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈlɑːnəʊ; Spanish ˈʎano)
n, pl -nos (-nəʊz; Spanish -nɔs)
(Physical Geography) an extensive grassy treeless plain, esp in South America
[C17: Spanish, from Latin plānum level ground]
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(ˈlɑ noʊ, ˈyɑ-)

n., pl. -nos. (in the southwestern U.S. and Spanish America)
an extensive grassy plain with few trees.
[1605–15; < Sp: a plain < Latin plānus plain1]
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A large area of usually treeless, grassy plain in South America.
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Noun1.llano - an extensive grassy and nearly treeless plain (especially in Latin America)
Latin America - the parts of North America and South America to the south of the United States where Romance languages are spoken
champaign, plain, field - extensive tract of level open land; "they emerged from the woods onto a vast open plain"; "he longed for the fields of his youth"
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