load down

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Verb1.load down - load with a pack
load, load up, lade, laden - fill or place a load on; "load a car"; "load the truck with hay"

w>load down

vt sep(schwer) beladen; (fig)überladen; the poor animal was loaded down with luggagedas arme Tier war schwer mit Gepäck beladen; he is loaded down with guiltSchuldgefühle lasten schwer auf ihm
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The hauling was not over till mid-day, and as the lumber was to be delivered to Andrew Hale, the Starkfield builder, it was really easier for Ethan to send Jotham Powell, the hired man, back to the farm on foot, and drive the load down to the village himself.
I want to load down from my current load of 23 grains of H110 behind the Hornady 240-gr.
However, if you simply load down (say only half of the slow burn rate propellant of a favorite hunting load), you will likely experience erratic ignition or even a misfire, which may result in lodging the bullet in the barrel.
JR Quinahan and Jeron Teng had their moments early in the game but Paras and Ravena, who used their quickness and athleticism to counter Romania's size advantage, carried much of the offensive load down the stretch.
Summary: Do you know the penalty for not tying your load down properly, or how many black points you will be given if you're not wearing your seat-belt?
Custom-configurable to handle loads up to 5 tons, the crane travels on multiple track systems for unimpeded access to different parts of a plant without setting the load down.