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link 1

1. One of the rings or loops forming a chain.
a. A unit in a connected series of units: links of sausage; one link in a molecular chain.
b. A unit in a transportation or communications system.
c. A connecting element; a tie or bond: grandparents, our link with the past.
a. An association; a relationship: The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration.
b. A causal, parallel, or reciprocal relationship; a correlation: Researchers have detected a link between smoking and heart disease.
4. A cufflink.
5. A unit of length used in surveying, equal to 0.01 chain, 7.92 inches, or about 20.12 centimeters.
6. A rod or lever transmitting motion in a machine.
7. Computers A graphical item or segment of text in a webpage or other electronic document that, when clicked, causes another webpage or section of the same webpage to be displayed: That newspaper's homepage includes links to numerous government resources. Also called hotlink, hyperlink.
v. linked, link·ing, links
a. To put together physically, as with links: linked the rings to form a chain.
b. To connect, relate, or associate: linked the suspect to the crime. See Synonyms at join.
2. Computers
a. To make or have a link to (another webpage or electronic document): The blog links important news stories from across the web.
b. To make a link in (a webpage or electronic document): The teacher linked the class website to an online map.
a. To be or become joined together physically: The molecules linked to form a polymer.
b. To be or become connected, related, or associated: Their business has linked up with ours.
2. Computers
a. To make or have a link to a webpage or electronic document: The shocking news story was linked to by many blogs. The article linked to photos of the damage.
b. To follow a link in a webpage or electronic document: With a click of the mouse, I linked to the museum's website.

[Middle English linke, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse hlekkr, *hlenkr, from *hlenkr.]

link′er n.

link 2

A torch formerly used for lighting one's way in the streets.

[Possibly from Medieval Latin linchinus, lichnus, candle, from Latin lychnus, from Greek lukhnos, lamp; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Computer Science) computing a program that adjusts two or more machine-language program segments so that they may be simultaneously loaded and executed as a unit
2. (Grammar) (in systemic grammar) a word that links one word, phrase, sentence, or clause to another; a co-ordinating conjunction or a sentence connector. Compare binder11
linkersestavovací program
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The angle of the base power generator and the voltage on the tire load module is calculated according to the current generator.
The Xcellon-Flex load module provides the highest port density in the industry; with 16-10 GE ports per card utilizing powerful multi-core processors and substantial memory.
Ixia's new AcceleronT-XP load module implements voice protocols with hardware to reach these major capacity milestones.
The DAVS Container Load Module will build packing lists down to serial numbers of items for footlockers, unipacks/triwalls, and containers.
With an integrated LCD TFT touch-screen display, keyboard and mouse, the self-contained unit can run every Ixia application and load module, from 10/100 through 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and OC-3 through OC-192 packet over SONET.
A group of six cushions--called Aero-casters--makes up a load module system, Williams explained.
Support for Xdensity 10GE SFP+ load module, including support for multiple concurrent users
The company's solution is based on the new PLM1000T4-PD Load Module that emulates up to four PDs when investigating PD detection, class negotiation, AC MPS, and power dissipation.
The LM1000T-5 Load Module provides flexible traffic generation, capture and filtering capabilities to fully test multilayer ethernet switches, routers and the network itself.
Included within the new solution is the Xcellon-Flex 10/40GE Accelerated Performance load module which offers both 10GE SFP+ and 40GE QSFP+ ports in a single chassis slot and provides the ability to seamlessly transition from 10GE to 40GE interfaces as the data centre scales and expands.
Traffic will be generated and verified by an Ixia XM2 chassis outfitted with Xcellon-Lava[TM] Dual-Speed, 40/100GE Higher Speed Ethernet Load Module with Panduit([R]) Signature Core[TM] multimode fiber cabling and low-loss MTP connectors.
This contract includes lump-sum benefits: - the establishment, within the existing software, direct load module measurement data from the crystal database - the completion of a second module for selecting a data file from which the data are loaded , this market also includes a guarantee period of 4 months from delivery of the software