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Noun1.loading area - a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded
stop - a spot where something halts or pauses; "his next stop is Atlanta"
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development of a covered loading area and the installation of a loading gantry for the disposal of waste resulting from the dismantling of the cea / far bnis.
QC Across 7 Pertaining to race (6) 8 Person aided by a caddie (6) 10 Animal at Ascot (9) 11 Holiday company agent (3) 12 Melted away (9) 14 Inward seashore curve (3) 15 Work, take effect (3) 16 Ticket there and back (3,6) 18 Antique (3) 20 Controlled, reined (9) 21 Cooking formula (6) 22 Spiritualist meeting (6) 1 Down 7 10 12 1 Brought up, raised (6) 2 Heavy, burly (8) 3 Keep back, refuse to give (8) 4 Comedian's gag (4) 5 Long way off (4) 6 Give money up front (6) 9 Burial ground (9) 13 Became more profound (8) 14 Making (the skin) black and blue (8) 15 On a ship or plane (6) 17 ___ off, dozed (6) 19 Ships' loading area (4) 20 Wish, expectation (4) 15 18
Two Indonesian workers were passing a road on their way to a loading area when liquid ore material mixed with rocks suddenly flowed into their truck at the Grasberg mine, said Papua police spokesman Lt.
The car was parked in a loading area which, of course, we agree is not for ticket parking - but why didn't the warden do the right thing and tell my wife that it wasn't a parking area?
15am who may have witnessed the incident taking place near to the Tesco supermarket loading area, particularly a group of people who spoke to the man in Tavistock Street at about the same time.
Like the 9-3 estate, the new model has a split floor loading area and has 419 litres of cargo space, extending to a maximum of 1,287 with the rear seats folded.
Trouble is, it requires building a pier and tanker loading area into the Delaware river, which is in Delaware's territory.
The victim was found fighting for his life in a loading area at the rear of shops on the south side of Crowhall Lane.
Logistics--Including access to loading area, operation and maintenance of elevators and working parking;
The system works by allowing the operator to arrange preloaded bags on the left and right guide rails, which are then transported to the machine's secondary loading area and finished in the vacuum chamber.
The case is then pneumatically lowered from the loading area onto its bottom and transferred via the exit conveyor to be top-and bottom-taped.
ft bread production plant; a despatch and loading area and state-of-the-art new equipment.