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Noun1.loading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloadedloading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
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The normal rear hatchback door is replaced with the same kind of drop- down boot lid as the original Mini of 1959, which acts as a loading platform.
Reminiscent of the classic Mini,the Convertible has a new drop-down boot which doubles as a handy loading platform.
The middle row can also be folded flat, giving an estate car like loading platform.
The new loading platform is the second dock at the Port of Little Rock, and more than doubles its capacity.
RapidMarts are powered by ActaWorks, Acta's extraction, transformation, and loading platform.
The showcase art deco loading platform is undoubtedly the most beautiful coaster station in the West.
i) Aberth, complete with loading platform and equipment: safe refuge area, breasting and mooring dolphins.
The Brent Spar, an oil storage and tanker loading platform, was the first of 400 platforms in the North Sea to receive a license to be buried at sea.
The ability to view live video enables train operators to see hazards and people on the tracks ahead or to determine if the upcoming passenger loading platform is clear and that the train ahead of them has actually left the station.
Tenders are invited for E- Tender Document For Earthwork In Formation (Cutting And Filling) , Moorum Blanketing ,Construction Of New Culverts,Slag Loading Platform Drains,Pathways Etc- Package-2, In Connection With Construction Of Private Railway Siding For Nmdc s Integrated Steel Plant At Nagarnar Near Jagdalpur In Chhattisgarh
The facility features an 800 foot pier and a barge/ship loading platform one-mile from the shoreline.
5 tonnes dual temperature vehicles to load simultaneously via a raised loading platform, and 24 charger points for refrigerated vans.