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Noun1.loading zone - a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded
stop - a spot where something halts or pauses; "his next stop is Atlanta"
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the South side of the street will have curbside loading because the NYU Clinical Cancer Center is there, whereas between 8th and 9th Avenues, the loading zone is on the north side of the street due to the Manhattan Center, where many events are held.
More versatile than conventional cargo bars, the Loading Zone Cargo Gate forms a barrier from the bottom cargo area to the top of the rails with no assembly or mounting hardware required.
But because it was dark, David, from Kilmalcolm, Renfrewshire, didn't notice the back wheels of his Nissan Almera were in a loading zone and he got a ticket.
The drug cargo moved from planes-to-boats-to-shore in this loading zone.
Such entrances shall incorporate a passenger loading zone that complies with the ADA.
To charge an EV at IKEA Renton, drivers pull into an EV-designated parking spot located in the garage's loading zone, swipe their Blink InCard (RFID card), plug the charger into the EV, and then shop and eat at their leisure in the IKEA store while the vehicle is charging.
The Doha exhibition centre likewise includes a prime concourse area, cafes, public restrooms, prayer rooms, a loading zone, storage, circulation space and a car park in the basement.
A pack of at least a half-dozen healthy-looking dogs roamed around a loading zone of a gondola 1,200 feet above the Gorki Plaza in the mountain venues for the Olympics as construction work continued late Sunday.
The conveyor consists of an 18" long open belt loading zone, 36" long insulated unheated entrance vestibule, three 32" long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control, 12" long insulated unheated exit vestibule and 60" long open unloading zone.
Passengers now wait in a completely remodeled ticketing and waiting lounge, while buses park under a covered loading zone, Greyhound spokesman Dustin Clark said.
8 million for maps showing walking routes to school and maintaining school warning signs and school loading zone signs.
The school day had ended and the parking lot at Englewood Elementary was full of energetic kids eager to go home when Leander Pickett saw a late model car obstructing the school bus loading zone.