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An aircraft crew member in charge of loading and unloading cargo or heavy weapons.


the crew member of an aircraft responsible for the cargo


(ˈloʊdˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

an aircrew member responsible for the loading and stowage of cargo aboard an aircraft.


An Air Force technician qualified to plan loads, to operate auxiliary materials handling equipment, and to supervise loading and unloading of aircraft.
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Then, I can go back to being a loadmaster, which is what I love doing.
The loadmasters and the flight mech secured the jumpers in the cargo compartment and closed the ramp and door.
Making better decisions using trailer assets by having visibility to the status and location of trailers within LoadMaster system.
The weather reconnaissance loadmaster collects and records vertical meteorological data using a parachuteborne sensor known as a dropsonde.
With automated alerts coming into LoadMaster, dispatch can provide updates as necessary to customers or other areas of fleet operations.
Joseph Thomas, a loadmaster instructor with the 62nd Airlift Squadron.
The loadmaster put on an ICS headset to go outside the aircraft to check the battery door.
For the loadmasters, the [TIS] unit was essentially just like any other cargo on a pallet that would be locked into the rails system.
Local Chicago dealers for Loadmaster and Crane Carrier providing Class 8 refuse truck components
The dropsonde is a weather instrument package released by a weather reconnaissance loadmaster into the eyewall and center of the hurricane.
The crew of the Hercules C130K, feared to have been shot down by a Stinger missile on Sunday, were the captain Flt Lt David Stead, co-pilot Flt Lt Andrew Smith, navigator Flt Lt Paul Pardoel, air loadmaster Flt Sgt Mark Gibson, air engineer MACR Gary Nicholson and ground engineers Chief Technician Richard Brown and Sgt Robert O'Connor.
MAWTS-1 conducts several other courses during WTI, such as an intelligence officers course; aviation ground support and logistics officers course; rotary wing crew chief and KC-130 navigator, loadmaster, flight engineer weapons and tactics instructor course; and enlisted weapons and tactics courses.