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An aircraft crew member in charge of loading and unloading cargo or heavy weapons.


the crew member of an aircraft responsible for the cargo


(ˈloʊdˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

an aircrew member responsible for the loading and stowage of cargo aboard an aircraft.


An Air Force technician qualified to plan loads, to operate auxiliary materials handling equipment, and to supervise loading and unloading of aircraft.
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Mike Falcho, a C-130 Hercules loadmaster, instructor and superintendent of the 818th MSAS.
The center features a complete training solution for C-17 pilots and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training to practice the complete range of tasks required for military airlift operations and humanitarian missions, along with other scenarios such as aerial refueling and emergency procedures.
training programs in 2013, Afghan loadmaster students were not scheduled to complete training until 2015.
Once his initial training was complete, he became an air loadmaster on the Chinook aircraft before eventually qualifying as an instructor.
The Nomads have eight pilot instructors, three flight engineer instructors and four loadmaster instructors.
During six years in the RAF, Jenny, of Stockton, was a real high yer, passing out from RAF Halton as top cadet before her selection as the Air Force's rst female C17 loadmaster.
In this scenario, Air Force loadmasters needed to train on company engineer equipment, such as bulldozers, scrapers, and interim high-mobility engineer excavators.
Virtual LoadMaster extension for VMware vCloud Air:
The LoadMaster 2400 represents our continued commitment to deliver entry level models designed to meet the increasingly demanding needs of small and medium business applications.
The others were Gary Stockdale, 51; pilots Brad Hasler, 34, and Jeremy Lipka, 37; first officer Rinku Summan, 32; loadmaster Michael Sheets, 36; and maintenance crewman Timothy Garrett, 51.
McLeod Software's integrated best-in-class software products include LoadMaster [R], LoadMaster LTL, PowerBroker [TM], DocumentPower [TM] Enterprise, HirePower [TM], and the McLeod Freight Management Solutions product line.
RDS TECHNOLOGY will be exhibiting the new Loadmaster iX range of on-board weighing instruments for wheeled loaders at INTERMAT 2012.