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1. Soil composed of a mixture of sand, clay, silt, and organic matter.
2. A mixture of moist clay and sand, and often straw, used especially in making bricks and foundry molds.
tr.v. loamed, loam·ing, loams
To fill, cover, or coat with loam.

[Middle English lam, lom, clay, from Old English lām; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

loam′y adj.
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Adj.1.loamy - consisting of or having the character of loam; "richy loamy soil"
loamless - having no loam; "a stony loamless yard"
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[ˈləʊmɪ] ADJmargoso
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adj (+er)lehmig; loamy soilLehmboden m
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for a refreshing glimpse of one blade of grass--for a snuff at the fragrance of a handful of the loamy earth!
In time she reached the edge of the vast escarpment below which stretched the loamy Vale of Blackmoor, now lying misty and still in the dawn.
The pig slurry was applied to loamy sand (9% clay) and sandy loam (18% clay) soils, whereas the cattle slurry was applied to loamy sand.
The soil was sandy and loamy, having 65% of soils are sand and 35% soil are sandy loam in texture.
Buy one that's potted or that you can pot yourself in loamy compost, keep it cool and spray it.
In many ways a classic coming-of-age story, the novel also digs deep into the loamy depths of the modern Southern Gothic genre, circa 1970s.
Plant evergreen trees and shrubs | Put up windbreaks to protect new trees and shrubs | Trim grey-leaved shrubs to keep them bushy | Stake tall perennials | Deadhead daffodils and primroses | Sow globe artichokes, which can be planted out on light or loamy soil in full sun | Tomato plants started in January should be ready to move into their final pots or be planted directly into a glasshouse border | Continue to lift and divide clumps of congested perennials and grasses | Cut back lavatera hard, as new shoots will soon appear | Tear off rose sucker shoots growing from below the point where the variety is grafted on to the rootstock, where you see a lumpy bit on the main stem
The infiltration rate is maximum on light texture soils (clayey, clay-sandy) and it decreases step by step as the texture becomes more fine (clay-loamy and loamy).
The Yarra, however, with its cool climate and loamy soils, is often seen as the closest Aussie pinot comes to its illustrious cousin in France.
For example, loading the BRADFORD FIVE arrival should show a course of 059 from IRK to LOAMY even though plugging in these two points yourself will show a 064 course.
Sandy and loamy soils work best for these backyard havens since they tend to drain well.
The soils were: a loamy sand (Typic Haploxeralf) from the coastal plain; a loam (Calcic Haploxeralf) from Be'er Sheva Valley; a dark brown sandy clay (Chromic Haploxerert) from Hafetz Haim, the Pleshet Plains; and 2 dark brown clays (Typic Haploxererts) from Yagur (clay-Y), in the Zevulun Valley, and Eilon (clay-E) from the Western Galilee.