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tr.v. loathed, loath·ing, loathes
To dislike (someone or something) greatly; abhor.

[Middle English lothen, from Old English lāthian.]

loath′er n.
loath′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.loather - one who hates or loathesloather - one who hates or loathes    
hater - a person who hates
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As a frequent sufferer of sea sickness and loather of organised fun, the idea of being stuck on a floating city never quite appealed.
"Somebody pierces our wrists with a nasty insult or a negative idea, and we continue to twist the rusty nails until they're embedded in our very being." Consequently each of the above chapters has a subheading called 'Reality' - respectively The Self- Loather, The Poorly Mind, The Lost, Anxious Soul and The Wilting Wallflower.
And that led James Sudakow, a talent management consultant and fellow buzzword loather, to do something bold: He gave up.
MANUFACTURER: 5 Shot Leather, 509-844-3969, 5shotleather.com MODEL: LFA-1 RH MATERIALS: Cowhide loather CARRY TYPE: OWB RETENTION TYPE: Level 1, friction ADJUSTABILITY: None MSRP: 5145 HANDGUN FIT: Browning HI-Power (as tested) ACCESSORY RAIL ACCOMMODATIONS: None POSITIONS TO CARRY: Behind the hip AVG.
(15) A loather of cosmopolitan literary culture, he has been published by the cream of London publishing houses, including Jonathan Cape, Seeker and Warburg, and Hamish Hamilton.
If the supreme essence did not reward its lovers, he says, we would have to conclude that the supreme essence is unjust (since treating lover and loather alike is patently unjust), and yet we know from our earlier discussion that the supreme essence is supremely just.
Curiously, this desire is quite paradoxical, as a self-proclaimed loather of humanity like Castel might be inclined to avoid establishing a profound human connection based on fluent communication and mutual understanding.
(5) Similarly, Roger Ebert, a well-known loather of 3D, notes that "whenever Hollywood has felt threatened it has turned to technology: sound, color, widescreen, Cinerama, 3D, stereophonic sound, and now 3D again." (6) In "Machines of the Visible," Jean-Louis Comolli points to deep focus--the Bazinian aesthetic--as an example of how cinematic styles can "disappear or drop into oblivion" only to resurface later as "realistic" techniques.7 The fact that 3D technology itself has been substituted in and out of mainstream cinema--recall the "Golden Era of 3D" (19521955) and its brief revival in the 1980s--complicates this idea of a linear progression toward total realism.
The Royal Australian Air Force lost 11 men: Flight Sergeant James Burgess (21), Flight Sergeant Lloyd Fallon (24), Pilot Officer Charles Hill (20), Flight Sergeant Raymond James (20), Flight Sergeant Thomas Loather (21), Flight Sergeant Ronald Mallory (31), Warrant Officer Brian Marstin (22), Flight Sergeant Douglas McCauley (22), Flying Officer Alan Patton (27), Flight Sergeant Robert Throw (21), and Private Arthur Cosgrove (21).
Love her or loather her, Victoria Beckham is one of the style leaders of the last 10 years.
Even thus two friends condemn'd Embrace and kiss and take ten thousand leaves, Loather a hundred times to part than die.