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 (lō′bāt′) also lo·bat·ed (-bā′tĭd)
1. Having lobes; lobed.
2. Shaped like a lobe.
3. Having separate toes, each bordered by a weblike lobe. Used of the feet of certain birds.

lo′bate′ly adv.
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Timbal cover longer than broad, not extending ventrally over operculum, lobately produced apico-laterally, stout, scarce olive with gray brown dense pile, timbal with five long ribs, angulate (Fig.
18, 33 and 35) longer than vertex and pronotum combined (2.05-2.08), with 5 longitudinal carinae on disk (one median carina and pairs of lateral carinae), outer lateral carinae straight, inner lateral carinae slightly curved, diverging posteriorly, extreme apex somewhat lobately produced.