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v. lobbed, lob·bing, lobs
To hit, throw, or propel in a high arc: lob a beach ball; lob a tennis shot over an opponent's head.
1. To hit a ball in a high arc.
2. To move heavily or clumsily.
1. A ball hit, thrown, or propelled in a high arc.
2. Slang A clumsy dull person; a lout.

[Originally, to act like a lout, hang heavily, move clumsily, from lob, lout, something heavy and pendulous, lump, from Middle English lob, pollack, lout; akin to Middle Low German and Middle Dutch lobbe, lubbe, hanging lip, probably ultimately of imitative origin.]

lob′ber n.
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(Ball Games, other than specified) a person who lobs
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He will be able to sharpen not only kitchen knives, but garden tools such as trowels, shovels, pruning shears, lobber blades and mower blades.
1 Billie Jean King and ex-champ and compulsive gambler Bobby Riggs was a historic turning point following Title IX: 'libber' against 'lobber' in a televised tennis match watched by millions.