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n. pl. lo·bos Chiefly Texas
The gray wolf.

[Spanish, wolf, from Latin lupus; see wl̥kwo- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -bos
(Animals) Western US another name for timber wolf
[Spanish, from Latin lupus wolf]


(ˈloʊ boʊ)

n., pl. -bos.
the gray or timber wolf of the western U.S.
[1830–40; < Sp < Latin lupus wolf]
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His discourses on indifferent subjects will divert as well as instruct, and if either in these, or in the relation of Father Lobo, any argument shall appear unconvincing, or description obscure, they are defects incident to all mankind, which, however, are not too rashly to be imputed to the authors, being sometimes, perhaps, more justly chargeable on the translator.
Since the Lobo zones required a large hydraulic fracture treatment, the decision was made to bypass the Lobo completions and complete in the mechanically less risky Middle Wilcox interval, which required a smaller fracture treatment," he explained.
The Lobo 6 and Lobo 8 properties are under option to Noranda optioned from Canarc subsidiary, Minera Aztec Silver Corp.
Lobo was born in Paris, France and studied at the city's Technical College and the Academy of Applied Arts.
Lobo London ensures that the customer is never exposed to the winter weather during the construction period.
Lobo stands for Lender Option Borrower Option and unlike a fixed-rate mortgage they have three key twists: the loan contract runs for between 40 and 70 years, councils have to pay huge exit fees if they want to move to a better deal and banks have the option of raising the rates at regular intervals.
In Wales, data released under the Freedom of Information Act shows that Blaenau Gwent council borrowed PS4m on a Lobo basis in 2004, with the loan due to be repayed by 2054.
In his new role, Lobo will lead operations at the hotels four F&B outlets, including revenue management, budgeting, and staff training.
Eliana Lobo is widely regarded as one of the finest interpreter trainers in the nation.
Lobo chairs the ASTM Cement and Concrete Laboratory (CCRL) Executive Group plus the joint ASTM C01/C09 CCRL subcommittee, and is Subcommittee C09.
The traffic police terminated the services of Bandra-Khar traffic warden Anita Lobo for taking on Congress MP Nilesh Rane, who also happens to be Maharashtra Industries Minister Narayan Rane's son.
A 28-year veteran of BB&T, Lobo has previously served as regional president in the Washington, DC market.