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The bride price paid by a prospective husband among certain peoples in southern Africa.

[Zulu -lóbólà, dowry, give a dowry.]


(lɔːˈbɔːlə; ləˈbəʊ-) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) (in southern Africa) an African custom by which a bridegroom's family makes a payment in cattle or cash to the bride's family shortly before the marriage
[from Nguni ukulobola to give the bride price]
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noun (S. African) dowry, portion, marriage settlement, dot (archaic) Following the tradition of lobola, the king's family paid 40 head of cattle for his new wife.
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In South Africa, marriage has often been described as a process that unfolds over time and is typically formalized through the payment of lobola (bridewealth) by the husband to the wife's family.
They [men] say, "I can't be equal to you, because you left your home to live with me and I paid a lobola [bride price] for you.
On marital relations, other questions were raised: Should an HIV positive husband be allowed to insist on having unprotected sex with his wife because he married her and paid lobola, the bride price?
In some African countries, for example, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho, the tradition of paying Lobola for a wife is common practice.
It is also important to note that the Act makes the payment of lobola one of the requirements of a valid customary marriage.
LOBOLA (BRIDE PRICE) Lobola or bride price Is a practice whereby the groom's family pays the bride's family for her hand in marriage.
Hague and Thiara (2009) point out that customs such as paying lobola (bride-price paid to the parents of the bride) in many African traditions tend to fuel gender inequality.
com)-- 108 Media presents Fanie Fourie's Lobola trailer, a romantic comedy movie available on VOD starting today on iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and additional VOD platforms:
Tempting marriage it's you by my side Accompanying the bridegroom to kraal it's you by my side Concluding the wedding it's you to be taken back Redirecting the lobola cow it's you by my side Are you a friend, a medical doctor or a fortune-teller?
Traditionally, the lobola (bride price) system represented the purchase of a woman's reproductive function, moving it from her family to her husband's family.
Fanie Foure Lobola will not only be a Welsh but a European premier- a rom-com dealing with multicultural, post-apartheid South Africa, the film will take us to the world of mix-race relationships in modern South Africa and the cultural complexity they possess.
Pillay gave an example of a programme on lobola (an African traditional practice where a groom pays a bridal price to the wife's family), which he says will not be as well understood by audiences on M-Net as compared to audiences of SABC1, a public service station which caters mostly for audiences with local traditions and languages.