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n. pl. lo·bos Chiefly Texas
The gray wolf.

[Spanish, wolf, from Latin lupus; see wl̥kwo- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -bos
(Animals) Western US another name for timber wolf
[Spanish, from Latin lupus wolf]


(ˈloʊ boʊ)

n., pl. -bos.
the gray or timber wolf of the western U.S.
[1830–40; < Sp < Latin lupus wolf]
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His discourses on indifferent subjects will divert as well as instruct, and if either in these, or in the relation of Father Lobo, any argument shall appear unconvincing, or description obscure, they are defects incident to all mankind, which, however, are not too rashly to be imputed to the authors, being sometimes, perhaps, more justly chargeable on the translator.
If they show no interest, the bank will auction the flat, keep the amount due to them and hand over the balance amount to the legal heirs of the Lobos.
RFR will adopt Yardi LOBOS (Load-Based Optimization System), an intelligent HVAC platform that significantly reduces energy consumption in large commercial buildings while providing automated demand response functionality.
Tras varios vaivenes que amenazaban con el desastre--la desaparicion simultanea de vegetacion y herbivoros--, un invierno lo bastante severo como para que el lago se helara hizo que los lobos llegasen y ese tercer nivel trofico de predadores permitio lograr lo que en terminos tecnicos se conoce como un ecosistema bien apacentado, es decir, en equilibrio.
Obviamente, lo que aqui nos interesa es lo que se refiere a los lobos y corderos, animales que justamente constituyen el titulo del libro de Acevedo cuyo analisis sera el centro de nuestro estudio.
Alemany took advantage of Lobos miscues from the start, driving 40 yards for its first touchdown, a 4-yard Figueroa run, after forcing a fumble on the first play from scrimmage.
Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles is no longer the name of the band, but you can still hear the strains of traditional Mexican folk infused with the spirit of east Los Angeles in the music of Los Lobos.
En fin, que los Lobos son marionetas que solo cumplen ordenes superiores de la empresa promotora OCESA.
We're all very proud of this album," says Los Lobos guitarist Louie Perez.
Littlerock also beat Quartz Hill 3-1 during the first week of league, making the Lobos the only team to beat either of the co-leaders during league play.
Muchas cosas pasaron desde aquel 1978, ano en el que nacio su primera produccion discografica titulada: "Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles.
The Lobos project is located in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico approximately 30 miles north of the city of Culiacan.