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 (lə-bŏt′ə-mīz′, lō-)
tr.v. lo·bot·o·mized, lo·bot·o·miz·ing, lo·bot·o·miz·es
1. Medicine To perform a lobotomy on (a patient).
2. Informal To reduce the intelligence, alertness, or sensitivity of.
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(ləʊˈbɒtəmaɪzd) or


informal apathetic, sluggish, and mentally slow
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It is disgusting the way the media is so tone-deaf to humanity, but the real reason they do these kind of thingsand keep on doing itis not because everyone involved in the industry is a lobotomized automaton, but because people love it.
Yet her measured arrangement of all the kitsch totems and pretensions that have come to stand in for a particularly lobotomized affect supposedly native to upscale subdivisions--a near-eugenicist obsession with fitness and cleansing, loungewear, yappy toy-dog breeds, and manicured pools, as well as an outmoded belief in the virtues of modernist singlefamily home architecture, all tastefully modulated by a feigned noir voyeurism--does not defamiliarize their surroundings so much as reinforce their vapidity.
She tweeted: "Catherine Deneuve and other French women tell the world how their interiorized misogyny has lobotomized them to the point of no return."
They imprisoned us in our closet, and when we tried to break out, they lobotomized us, set our bars on fire, arrested us, beat us, and even killed us.
A new biography offers a heartbreaking look at the life of Rosemary Kennedy, who was lobotomized and hidden away because of her disability.
At the risk of applying rose-colored glasses to reconsider a film that aspired to be nothing more than a lobotomized Three Stooges routine, the original "Dumb and Dumber" possessed a certain je ne sais quoi that distinguished it from its fellow bottom-feeders.
Where Palestine is at issue, the Israel-friendly BBC nowadays appears a lobotomized organization.
It contains his trademark: the deformed character with a lobotomized brain, alluding to the Arabs' prohibited thoughts.
The months-long, sleep-deprived Atlantic crossing is another detriment to harmony, as they alternate pedaling in two and three-hour shifts, "like lobotomized hamsters chained to a wheel that constantly needs turning." Not long after arriving in Florida, they split up, with Smith opting to cycle while Lewis decides to roller-blade to San Francisco.
But long before Citizens United turns the American electorate into lobotomized serfs, it could have a detrimental effect on the marketing plans of American businesses large and small.
Brooks believes Western culture has a lobotomized view of human nature inherited from the French Enlightenment.
Maximum Lifespan, which reads more like a sci-fi movie than a typical comic book, explores the ethics of genetic re-engineering and cloning lobotomized humans for replacement parts.