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1. Any of several edible marine decapod crustaceans of the family Nephropidae, especially of the genus Homarus, having stalked eyes, long antennae, a pair of large pincers, and a cylindrical body.
2. Any of several similar crustaceans, such as a spiny lobster.
3. The flesh of a lobster used as food.
intr.v. lob·stered, lob·ster·ing, lob·sters
To catch or try to catch lobsters.

[Middle English lopster, lobstere, from Old English loppestre, alteration (perhaps influenced by loppe, lobbe, spider) of Latin locusta, locust (grasshopper), lobster.]

lob′ster·er n.
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a person who catches lobsters
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I asked a couple such divers for some helpful suggestions for other sportsmen, from beginners to accomplished lobsterers and compiled the following ten tips from the ideas they related.