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A man whose occupation is catching lobsters.


n, pl -men
a person who catches lobsters


(ˈlɒb stər mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who traps lobsters.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.lobsterman - a person whose occupation is catching lobsters
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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Among the gifts she bought was "a little lobsterman that was made in Ontario.
Here, a genial lobsterman - at a visitor's request - opened a large cooler filled with living, freshly gathered lobsters.
WHEN YOU MEET Jon Rogers, the 57-year-old Maine lobsterman looks to be in great shape.
Ohnemus is the son of a lobsterman whose working boat is tied up among the dories bobbing in Quissett Harbor in Woods Hole near WHOI.
Erik Anderson of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, said he was a ground fisherman for years but left the industry under the weight of what he called an onerous regulatory structure and became a lobsterman.
8220;From the Maine lobsterman, right to your Niantic table.
His contact with the island's fisher folk profoundly affected him, and thenceforth he felt the need to become what he was painting: lobsterman, laborer, house carpenter, furniture maker, well digger, lighthouse keeper, sailor, farmer.
In his description of the cries he hears, he does not distinguish between the fishmonger, the lobsterman, or the chimney sweep, despite the practice of using young boys as sweeps, or that the work of a sweep is dangerous and inappropriate for children--commonplace knowledge at the time and a target of social reform.
Sensing his grandfather's loss of purpose, Ferguson anxiously ponders a legacy his grandfather could leave that would represent his life as a lobsterman.
Lobsterman Jeff Edwards caught the half-orange, half-brown lobster, Metro.
While most families I saw had some level of third-party coverage, there were plenty of lobsterman, carpenters, and other small business owners who were paying out of pocket.
org) snot marble lobsterman W3 snowy medlar Mary Lowndes Mary Lowndes (1856-1929) was a British stained glass artist who co-founded Lowndes and Drury that built the The Glass House studio; she was also a poster artist, in particular with her active participation in the Suffragette movement (en.