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a. The state or condition of having lobules.
b. The formation of lobules.
2. A lobule.
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It was seen that this soft tissue had similar lobulation and contour features as the pancreas, similar contrast enhancement, and thin tract compatible with the duct (Figure 2).
Many other histopathological changes were also noticed in the animals of group C such as glomerular sclerosis, mesangial widening, vascular congestion, perivascular inflammation, swelling of the nuclei of the tubular epithelaial cells, fibrinoid change in the afferent arterioles, lobulation of glomeruli and atrophy of glomeruli, however these changes were not observed in a significant number of animals that could be elaborated (Fig.
Typical computed tomography (CT) findings for hemangioma are reported to be lobulation, heterogeneous enhancement with contrast media, multiple ring-like calcifications, and the presence of an intact intervertebral foramen when the tumor extends to the spinal canal; however, these findings are not always observed (70).
The mass extended upwards from the perirectal region of the anus, coursing around the rectum with an additional lobulation. A few perirectal and pelvic lymph nodes were seen, with no additional adenopathy and no free fluid in the abdomen.
Eight subjective features like nodule size, shape, marginal irregularity, speculation, border definition, lobulation, density, and homogeneity are evaluated with help of radiologists.
[62] (1) 22 different morphological Ultrasound features such as convexity and lobulation have been utilized Saritas [63] (1) Age of patient, (2) mass Mammogram shape, (3) mass border, (4) Mass density, (5) BIRADS Lopez-Melendez et (1) Area, perimeter, etc.
Tumors with a size greater than 10 cm showing calcifications, irregular margins, heterogeneity, lobulation, and ulceration, along with extraluminal and mesenteric fat infiltration, are more likely to be associated with metastasis [19].
Surgically, parathyroid cancers may be differentiated from adenomas by their hard feel and lobulation; adenomas are usually soft, round/ oval in shape and reddish-brown in colour.
A, Normal control group showing normal hepatic lobulation and hepatocytes (black arrows).
In lymphoma, CT may show irregular contours, surface lobulation without vascular invasion with associated mediastinal lymphadenopathy and pleural effusion (2, 13).
The lobulation of contour was remarkable with eccentric outpouchings.
Light microscopic examination of livers of control rats showed normal lobulation with clear outlines, normal Kupffer cells with distinct cell boundaries and clearly visible nuclei, no infiltration of central venules by leukocytes, and lack of mitotic figures (Figure 2(a)).