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Noun1.last mile - the last walk of a condemned person to the execution place
walk - the act of walking somewhere; "he took a walk after lunch"
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Despite opening this so-called 'local loop', few individuals and businesses can get fast Internet over their copper telephone wires from one of the new telecoms companies, partly because incumbent operators are dragging their feet.
Despite his stated opposition to local exchange competition, Edward Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Telecommunications Subcommittee, says he wants to see "genuine" local loop competition loop before opening up interexchange long distance service to RBOCs.
The local loop is the physical circuit between the customer's premises and a telecommunications operator's local switch.
He said he was irritated by the tone of the announcement and objected to the 'heavy handed' approach adopted by the telecom industry watchdog to local loop unbundling.
Local loop unbundling and line-sharing now account for 10% of all DSL connections (up from 9% last quarter).
The European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) has published its fourth analysis of the state of local loop unbundling (LLU) across the European Union.
BT yesterday declined to comment, although it is thought the company may wait until it has demerged mobile phone division BT Wireless later this year before acting on the local loop business, which employs an estimated 30,000 people.
In terms of the last mile, the local loop is typically designed for separation distances of up to about three miles.
PTCL Executive Vice President BZN Islamabad expressed these views during the function of giving away Wireless Local Loop handset to Rawalpindi Telecom Region field staff in Islamabad.
DT has been legally obliged to provide competitors access to its local loop since 1998.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 October 2001-Oftel sets charges for local loop unbundling services (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD