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Noun1.local post office - a local branch where postal services are available"local post office - a local branch where postal services are available"
general delivery, poste restante - the part of a post office that handles mail for persons who call for it
branch, subdivision, arm - a division of some larger or more complex organization; "a branch of Congress"; "botany is a branch of biology"; "the Germanic branch of Indo-European languages"
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"The local Post Office plays a huge role in public life.
A year after Rolling Meadows officials launched a campaign to bring back a local post office, they are expected to learn in the next few weeks whether their efforts were a success.
The bank said there will be access to banking services at the local Post Office on Ancastor Square in the town.
Research for Citizens Advice found that one in four people living in villages or other rural areas relied on their local post office for information about local services or events.
The bank also said that during its review process, it took into consideration the location of the local post office, which is in walking distance, and the availability of public transport.
You may have heard of that very chic and modern phenomenon FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but I think the realest and most terrifying issue of nowadays life is FOMP (Fear Of Missing Post) Yep, gone are the days of the local post office we could nip into for one small envelope and a stamp and oooh, while you're there, I've got to pick up that parcel and have you got any Fruitellas?
A QUICK letter of thanks regarding the proprietor of Jubilee Cards in Normanby and the re-opening of our local post office.
A thug who abandoned his attempt to rob his local post office at knifepoint when the postmaster recognised him has been jailed.
"I would strongly urge all my constituents to sign my petition at their local post office branch.
In many areas, particularly rural communities, the local post office is a lifeline to the outside world.
l The closure of my local Post Office has had a devastating effect.