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1. The act or process of locating: Location of the lost hikers took two days.
2. A place where something is or could be located; a site.
3. A site away from a studio at which part or all of a movie is shot: filming a Western on location in the Mexican desert.
4. A tract of land that has been surveyed and marked off.

[Latin locātiō, locātiōn-, a placing, from locātus, past participle of locāre, to place; see locate.]

lo·ca′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to location
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A conceptual framework of retail decision-making is forwarded that identifies a range of locational options.
Gone is any locational detail, replaced by stark and desolate landscapes--an unnamed, rural town, the highway, an unnamed city.
Also, most of the empirical works are still based on the computation of basic statistical measures in which the geographical characteristics of data play no role, such as the Gini locational coefficient or the variance of logarithms.
In addition to the locational advantages each unit will be constructed to a high specification to meet the standard of the other units on the Business Centre.
The data, released by the Bank of Japan, are from quarterly locational international banking statistics and semiannual consolidated international banking statistics compiled by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
Dunning's Eclectic Theory[6] focuses on ownership, locational and internalization factors that influence international expansion.
Mr Stanley Towett, the Kapkimolwo locational chief and veterinary officers supervised the burial of the carcasses."We made sure the residents did not slaughter and eat meat from the animals.
Though many would consider affordable housing as an investment opportunity due to the locational price difference, a developer with a clear outlook can make a difference, attracting more actual users, thus leading to the success of such projects.
However, the Bank for International Settlement's (BIS) 'locational banking statistics', showed a greater fall of 11 percent in 2018.
The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) advised applicants for locational clearance, zoning, building and other permits to ensure complete sets of requirements beforehand to fast-track the transactions.