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Noun1.locative role - the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the place of the state or action denoted by the verb
participant role, semantic role - (linguistics) the underlying relation that a constituent has with the main verb in a clause
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(13a) Pan Nerti ngentung-in [sampin-ne] padang (NP-OBJ1; 0.92) Pan Nerti AV.throw-APPL cow-3sPOS grass 'Pak Nerti threw his cowgrass.' Secondly, the locative role is often regarded as being low in the thematic hierarchy.
The locative marking may thus be interpreted as a means of expressing a special type of locative role.
Thus sometimes one finds the same NP-marker coding the Locative, Goal and Source roles [...], sometimes one finds Locative and Goal expressed by the same marker, with a different one for Source [...], and sometimes, as in Warlpiri, different markers are used for all three locative roles. But one doesn't seem to find one marker used for Locative and Source, with a second for Goal; or one for Source and Goal, with a different for Locative.