lock nut

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also lock nut  (lŏk′nŭt′)
1. A usually thin nut screwed down on another nut to prevent it from loosening.
2. A self-locking nut.

lock′ nut`

1. a nut specially constructed to prevent its coming loose, usu. having a means of providing extra friction between itself and the screw.
2. a thin supplementary nut screwed down upon a regular nut to prevent its loosening.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of lock nut zm 17x1 and percission lock nut nr m100x2 p as per hmt specification as appended to technical document please see technical document
The integral, side-exit cable can be positioned while the floating lock nut keeps the sensor securely in place.
But that same barrel lock nut is depicted in Gun Digest's exploded long-gun drawings as a C or CL Model.
Unscrew the lock nut and washer from the base of the fill valve (the water inlet pipe).
When the washer is used as a fastener to secure lock nut assemblies, the tempered steel washer exhibits a pliant flexible characteristic that reduces bolt loosening and eliminates vibration wobbling.
A torque Limiter disengages the motor if the grinding wheel binds, and protects the lock nut from over-tightening in start-ups and heavy-duty operations.
The kit contains 1) a slide with a built-in firing pin and extractor assembly, 2) barrel insert and lock nut.
The housing and lock nut are stainless steel 316, and the pad is white neoprene which is a fully FDA approved material.
The lock nut is generally left in the car, which doesn't really make sense," says Gurdip.
The cam can be repositioned in relation to the flutes on the chucked step tool by loosening the cam lock nut and rotating the cam on the spindle.
The 1/4-28 UNF series may be color coded with the use of the company's LNS lock nut, CCR, and CCLR color coded rings, currently available in several different options.
Note: Vendor Code & Supply Date Only To Be Punched/Sticker To Be Put On Packet Of 50 Nos In Addition To Technical Information If Any) Qty: 1000 No 5)Stud With Lock Nut To Drg No.