lock stitch

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also lock stitch  (lŏk′stĭch′)
A stitch made on a sewing machine by interlocking the upper thread and the bobbin thread.

lock stitch

(Knitting & Sewing) a sewing-machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread

lock′ stitch`

or lock′stitch`,

a sewing-machine stitch in which two threads are locked together at small intervals.
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Then, proceed with a lock stitch. There are plenty of options, but the stitch I use has the tails of the string passing together over and under the loop created by the lark's head knot.
The oesophageal mucous membrane was sutured using continuous suture pattern and muscularis with lock stitch suture pattern in separate layer with chromic catgut no 1-0.
The company will showcase their unique pillow closing machine designed to close the open end of the pillow using a lock stitch. The machine has an output of 9 pillows per minute.
Hunt did not pursue his invention and in 1846 another American, Elias Howe, patented a sewing machine with a grooved, eye- pointed needle and shuttle, which also produced a lock stitch. It could sew only in a straight line, and couldn't sew a seam longer than the base plate.
15-91, with reversible feed lock stitch. Mine, of course, has the black wheel.
As the last lock stitch happened and the needle was moving to its next position, I hit the "STOP" button.