lock stitch

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also lock stitch  (lŏk′stĭch′)
A stitch made on a sewing machine by interlocking the upper thread and the bobbin thread.

lock stitch

(Knitting & Sewing) a sewing-machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread

lock′ stitch`

or lock′stitch`,

a sewing-machine stitch in which two threads are locked together at small intervals.
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It's a wise move to periodically do a back stitch as you work to lock stitches into place by stitching backward one stitch every couple of inches.
When done, sew the two together with no less than a V inch seam allowance, pulling the stitches taut with abundant lock stitches. Once fully stitched together, snip the inside raw selvedge of the neck opening about V in.
Proven Gear designs are manufactured with extra bar tacks and lock stitches to ensure years of dependability in demanding and tough environments.
The building blocks for sewing with a stitching awl are the "lock stitches" visible on the underside of the seam (Photo 2).